Are You Sure That Fits You?

When was the last time you looked at your space and asked “Do you think this space makes my life look cluttered?” Many of us are aware of how our external appearance comes across to others, but very few people truly understand what it does to our emotions. It is powerful. Just think, when that outfit doesn’t fit just right, our makeup is giving us trouble, or our hair just isn’t cooperating, it can really put a crimp in our day! It is no different with your physical space. Clutter can really take over our mental space without us realizing it, and it’s time for that to stop!


Here are some questions you can ask to help calm the chaos in your space:

1) Ask yourself, “Am I sure this fits?” when it comes to how your space is being maintained. Are you trying to use a bunch of different organizing systems and none of them are really serving a purpose, so now you just have more boxes/files/storage bins?

2) Do you think the space is functioning at its highest capacity, or is there room for improvement?

3) Which items in your space can go? Tip: If it’s not serving a purpose or bringing a happy memory to you, it does not deserve space in your space!


When you really allow yourself to be honest, you may find that your space doesn’t really fit you anymore. That is okay! Instead of letting that thought overwhelm or discourage you, take action to make that space fit you again. Work with it until it serves a functional purpose again. Clear out the items you don’t need and get back to loving your space!