Are Your Kids More Organized Than You?

How did that happen?

Where did they learn those skills?

Why can’t I be more like that?

Enough! It’s time to stop envying them and time to start creating the organized life you’ve always dreamt of!

The first thing is to notice what it is specifically about their situation that you long for. Do you find yourself constantly wishing for more free time? Perhaps you always get that tinge of jealousy when you walk into their space and everything seems to be perfectly placed. Maybe you just notice yourself feeling calm around them because they aren’t surrounding themselves with chaos.

Once you’ve pinpointed where your admiration lies, it’s time to start tackling the hurdles to get there.


If you’re wishing for more free time, you can:

1) Stop saying “yes” to every opportunity – it’s amazing how much free time this will open up

2) Start delegating out specific tasks that could be handled by someone else


If you get that tinge of jealously when you walk into that perfect space, you can:

1) Get rid of things you no longer use

2) Find a place for everything in your home

3) Return things to their dedicated space


If you want that feeling of calm more often, you can:

1) Cut out the things/people in your life that are causing you stress

2) Allow yourself some down time to reflect and focus on the positive things that are happening in your life


The most important thing is to make a decision and commit to it.

You know I’m a fan of baby steps, so don’t stress yourself out about trying to do everything on this list at once.

If you’re struggling to figure out what your next step should be, please reach out to me!

I love helping people bring calm to their lives through organization and time management.

Let’s work on this together!