Getting Yourself to the Point of Maintenance

It doesn’t just happen.

Getting to the point of maintenance takes time, effort, and often times, coaching.

When you want to excel at something, you have to first build up a strong foundation of skills.

The great news is, once you have built that strong foundation, maintaining that strength is way easier!

What can you do to build a strong foundation of time management?


Here are a few timeless tips I have found helpful over the years that still ring true today:

1. Prioritize. There simply is not enough time in a day to do every single thing that is thrown your way.
2. Decide. Now that you’ve prioritized everything, it’s time to decide what you’re actually going to take on (hint: if you notice yourself taking things from the bottom of your list before things at the top, you may want to look closely at how you prioritized to see if it really makes sense).
3. Commit. With your priorities in order, it should be easier to decide which activities to take on, and which ones to let go. Commit to only taking on those commitments that will improve your life.
4. Plan. The caveat is that, of course, things will come up that you don’t want to do, but you have to. Build in some cushion time for those things, and always bring something to work on in case you find yourself with spare time. (Hint: When you use those unforeseen spare moments to get ahead, it allows you to enjoy your planned down time that much more. You may even find that you get yourself far enough ahead in your schedule to plan in an extra spare day here and there!)
5. Imagine. What will you life be like when you implement these things and create the schedule of your dreams?


It’s up to you now. If you’re feeling stuck, let me know so we can tackle your challenges together!

Comment below and let me know how you’re going to get yourself to the point of maintenance.