Spring Break Success – Organize First!

Guest Post Contributed by: Cathy Van Volkenburg

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It doesn’t matter if you are going to Orlando, Ontario or your local amusement park for the day – the preparation is what will set you up for a fun filled event! These tips will set you up for success every time you travel!

  • Start one week ahead of your departure and confirm all pertinent information such as reservations, required documentation and hours of operation.
  • Create a place in your home that will be the gathering location for EVERYTHING you will need for the trip.  Having these items together in one place will help insure that nothing is forgotten at the last minute.
  • Call your bank to tell them you will be out of the area using your credit or debit card.  This will alert the bank and you will not be denied any purchases.
  • Let family or friends know of your plans along with departure and arrival dates.
  • Make a copy of any credit cards and documentation you will be traveling with.  Keep this information with you at all times in case of lost or stolen purses/wallets.  You will be able to act quickly and follow up with banks and lenders!
  • If you will travel by car, why not start by cleaning your car and making sure everything is in good working order.  Pack some healthy snacks and bottled water.  Traveling by plane?  Pack any daily medicines and a good book with your carry on luggage in case of delays.
  • As you begin to pack, know the weather in your destination city.  Only pack for the activities you will be participating in.  Avoid over packing!  All hotels offer laundry services so why drag around a heavy bag?

As you depart on your journey don’t worry about all the “what if ”scenarios.   You are organized and prepared. Now it is time to RELAX, REJUVENATE and RESTORE!

Bon voyage!

If you want ideas for specific packing lists try visiting www.realsimple.com

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Professional Organizer Cathy Van Volkenburg helps her clients transform their daily routines and take back control of their time.  Cathy’s expertise in space planning and and productivity allow her to work closely with each client to understand and help create systems that will enable that person to manage their belongings. Cathy is the current President of the National Association of Professional Organizer’s Ohio Chapter. Her company, Accent on Organizing has helped both   commercial and residential clients for over three years.  As her company expands, Cathy is appearing on television segments as well as speaking to groups about the benefits of living an organized life.