Stop Stashing It Saturday – Golf Clubs

It’s more than likely that you have a set of clubs in your garage.

The question is, how old are they?

While I know a few serious golfers, most people tend to fall more in the “just for fun” category when it comes to swingin’ the clubs.

Golf Clubs

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Even then, most of the people I know who fall into that category maybe go

golfing once a year….maybe.

Chances are, you could stand to part with the old clubs.

This is a great chance to prioritize and decide which sports equipment really deserves to stay. If you’re not using it anymore, get rid of it!

If it’s been collecting dust for years, and you keep telling yourself you’ll use them again….I’m going to suggest that you get really honest with yourself about that. Are you actually going to use them again?

Most older golf clubs can simply be donated. If you want to make an attempt at bringing in some cash for them, then by all means.

However you plan to get those clubs out of your garage,

just make sure to Stop Stashing It!