Stop Stashing It Saturday – Tennis Racquet That Needs to be Restrung

When was the last time you played tennis? Given that Winter just ended, it’s probably been awhile, unless you have access to an indoor court.

Perhaps you’re just busting out your raquet since it’s Spring time and you realize that it needs to be restrung.

Tennis Raquet

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Whatever the case is, it’s time to stop stashing it!

Stop stashing something that isn’t being used.

Stop stashing something that needs to be fixed.

Get it taken care of!

Just think of it this way, the sooner you get it fixed, the sooner you can get back to playing!

Or, if it’s time to get rid of it because you’re not using it anymore, then great…You’ve just cleared more space in your garage!


Comment below and let me know what you’ll be doing with your tennis racquet!