What it means to be out

In today’s society, that certainly has its own meaning.

What I’m talking about though is a way to manage projects.

In my world, in my little home, what it means to be out, is that if something is not in its place, it still needs my attention.

If my dishes are out, they still need to be washed.

If my laundry is out, it still needs to be folded and put away.

If there is a post-it note sitting on my counter, its contents still need to be taken care of.


For me, this simple system helps keep me on top of the things I need to do, and it helps me keep my home/space in order. Keeping things out until they have been taken care of is a sure-fire way to make sure those tasks don’t get lost in the mix. Granted, this only works if you already have a place for everything, so you know when something is out of place. If this sounds appealing to you, and your struggling to find a place for everything, I encourage you to reach out to me so we can come up with a plan!